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The ICON OF Jewish wedding rings

Our certified reproductions give modern Jewish couples the exclusive opportunity to marry in one of the oldest Jewish wedding traditions. The collection is dedicated to a masterpiece of Jewish life - the famous Jewish wedding ring. The ring is considered the most magnificent of three surviving medieval Jewish wedding rings. It was made in the 13th century as a ceremonial wedding ring, buried by its owner Kalman von Wiehe in 1349 and rediscovered in 1998. The ring has been exhibited around the globe including THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART New York, THE WALLACE COLLECTION London, MUSÉE DE CLUNY Paris and ANU Tel Aviv.

Made in the center of medieval Jewish life

From the 14th century to today, the ring has come a long way. It was manufactured in the center of Jewish religion and culture in medieval Europe. Here you will find the oldest synagogue in Europe, the famous Jewish treasure of Erfurt, a medieval mikvah, Hebrew manuscripts from the 12th century and tombstones from this era - a magnificent Jewish heritage that is unique in the world.

Shai Terry

A unique voice of Israel

Part of the Jewish Heritage

The original Jewish Wedding Ring of Erfurt is part of the Jewish heritage of Germany and can be viewed in the Old Synagogue Erfurt in the town where it originated. All products are exclusively certified by the German government. Part of the proceeds goes to the Jewish community and to medieval research.

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